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Wayne Walden

IPTPA Certified Instructor
Owner WOWpickleball athletic apparel
Certified Health Coach

"put WOW in your game"

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Lessons offered at Arizona's premier resorts and pickleball centers, CIVANA Carefree and JW Marriott Desert Ridge.

2019 Update
Greetings from beautiful, sunny and warm AZ. As we welcome in 2019, I hope your 2018 year was filled with much success and lots of pickleball court time, both rec and tourney games.
I would like to personally thank SSIPA for all they are doing for our sport. From the board members, Ford, Tim, Fred, just to name a few, to the hundreds of volunteers that make this organization successful. I was fortunate to finish the 2018 SSIPA circuit in 2nd place for mens 60-64. It was an opportunity to play with some of the best players in the 60+ age group in our sport.
I would also like to thank Paddletek for their continued support and will remain with team Paddletek through the 2019 season. A big shout out to Scott Moore and Janet Vance for the opportunity to represent the best of the best in our sport.
I will continue as an IPTPA level II teaching pro at several premier resorts in the Valley and offer daily clinics, which also include private and semi-private lessons, both indoor and outdoor options.
I want to share with you my story on how I am able to stay active, mobile, flexible and healthy as I enter into my SSIPA era (60+) age bracket. Of course, being on the court 6+ hours a day teaching helps with the active part, but also can create some sore muscles with aches and pains. I have found that in addition to the obvious, good nutrition, stretching and a positive attitude I do have something that has been monumental in keeping me at the top of my game. It has become quite the buzz lately, it’s called CBD. I was skeptical like many at first, but after I tried it, I had one thing to say, “why did I wait so long to try this”. It is a game changer. I was able to give up the Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and other similar over the counter meds, which have terrible side effects. Top grade CBD is natural, organic, and produced right here in the USA. CBD helps your body to regain some of its younger attributes that make movement much more enjoyable and closer to pain free than I had experienced in many years. It has made the difference in enjoying my time on and off the court without constant pain in certain areas of my body (knees, hips, back, arm, wrist, neck, hamstring) you get the picture. I am so happy and excited to share this with you and would encourage you to take a closer look.
Click on the links, check it out and as always feel free to contact me anytime.
Thanks, and keep playing with a smile.

Wayne (Coach WOW)